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2010-04-06 12:56 pm


Greetings friends,  I'm just posting to ask you to keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I am having eye surgery...Thanks all....
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2009-07-01 01:29 pm

Stuff and Stuff

As most of you know I live in Texas...and in the summertime, Texas is HOT! Today it is a stifling 94..last week we reached 100...Lucky us! LOL!! Dare I say it, I wish we'd have cooler weather! There I did and usually I hate winter.. LOL!

Got the heart Monitor the Dr wants me to wear for 30 days..Will have my hubby help me with getting everything attached correctly. and will start tomorrow wearing it!

still haven't figured out how to get a picture to show up here...Grumbles! I have so many to share...sniff!!
Will keep working on it!

Guess this is all for now!!!


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2009-06-26 09:33 am

various and sundrys

Going to town today, before it gets too hot, is 86 already and it isn't even 10am...Want to do some more drawing but haven't got the right muse for such today. My writing is going alright, am slowly getting more added to my Obadiah Story..Slow going tho...

Sad news about MJ..RIP Michael....

Niece came last night and we had our usual Movie Night...watched Made Of Honor, then  Burn Notice and Royal Pains...Was fun!!!

Wish I could get the picture thingy to work so I could post pictures...AArrgghhhhh!!!!!

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2009-06-25 09:35 am

(no subject)

Hubby goes to school today, well he has left already and THANK GOODNESS he has..He pissed me off..Acting like such a child, throwing things @..Sometimes I'd just like to Knock his head off! What an ass!

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2009-06-24 12:24 pm


I wish to apologize to tales0f she generously offered me a code to join this community..THANK YOU, I do Appreciate it so very much.... Was going to insert a picture...but I can't make it work...AArrgghh!!!!!!!


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2009-06-24 09:57 am


Up early, can't write, so I thought I'd post a second time to this new community...Hope everyone on my flist is alright today...Hubby is off again, hoping he goes to play golf soon...

Maybe more later..Bye!

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2009-06-23 01:58 pm

First Post

Hello all! Just a first of what I hope will be MANY posts to this site...I hope to also incluse ALANY goodness...